When you want to send your business videos to associates or potential clients, it is important to remember that they may be using a different device. As you probably already know different devices tend to be compatible with different types of videos – which is why it helps to be able to convert your business videos accordingly.

Even if you aren’t sure how to convert videos and have never attempted to do so in the past, Movavi Video Converter will make it easy. It can convert videos to and from any formats, so you can use it as a WMV converter, MP4 converter, and much more.

All you need to do to convert your business videos into another format is:

  1. Click ‘Add video’ and select the business video that you want to convert.
  2. Expand the ‘Convert to’ field and choose the format that you want (or select a preset to automatically use the best format and settings for a given device).
  3. Check the ‘Destination’ field is set to the folder that you want.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to convert the video.

With these few simple steps you can use Movavi Video Converter to convert any of your videos between any formats. On top of all that however, it can actually do quite a bit more and can also be used to convert audio and image files, create animated GIFs out of video clips, enhance the quality of your videos, cut and combine video segments, grab screenshots, insert customizable text into your videos, and extract the audio tracks from videos.

It should go without saying that in any business environment having a powerful converter that is capable of so much would definitely be an asset. The number of ways in which Movavi Video Converter could potentially help you out when dealing with your business videos is certainly considerable, and because it is so easy to use it won’t take you long to familiarize yourself with its features. Just give it a try and you’ll be able to see that for yourself while getting a taste for what it can offer.

How to Convert Business Videos for Different Devices with Movavi Video Converter