Music education has been known to help students do better in other areas of their life.  Studies show that students who have access to music education enhance skills they use in other subjects such as math and learn to focus on integrating their other senses.  Whether they sing or play an instrument, music education has benefits that will carryover into other areas of their social life as well.  Children gain more confidence when thy participate in groups like chorus, orchestra or develop self confidence when the go solo before their peers.  Learning cord patterns and doing rote exercises may seem boring and repetitious, but these exercises can help build large and small muscles.

If you have a budding musician on your list, you should head to the pages of the Guitar Center where you’ll find lots of gift ideas to encourage their interest.  Put some drum sticks in the hands of that rocker, or buy a keyboard for the budding Mozart.  And you’ll find lots of sheet music for singers, and accessories for the instrument of their choice.

Early childhood to adult learners will love having a gift from the Guitar Center.  But you don’t have to worry that the instrument you want is out of range of your family’s budget.  First search Groupon for money saving promo codes and apply them at checkout.  They have deals that will save as much as 50{ee66f5f705de1347eefb9df5ce3d2f95a71116854a4372cdf4a93d5f8a88610b} off select merchandise, and it’s easy to qualify for free shipping.   Another good idea is to take them to the Guitar Center, so they can browse all the instruments, and give you a sense of what appeals to them.  Then you can double back and buy the item, or go online and have it delivered in time to place under the tree.

Music education that gets little children up singing, moving, and listening is great for socializing and learning.  Singing holiday carols, performing in the Christmas play at school, or starting a garage band, all boost learning in many ways.  Not only that, it could be the start of a career that eventually takes them all over the world as they travel with a big star, or become one themselves.  So shop the Guitar Center this year, and unleash you child’s inner artist.

How Music Education Benefits Your Child